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Tatters of the King is a campaign loosely based around Robert Chamber’s King in Yellow in interwar Britain beginning in October 1928.

A Brief Note From Your Keeper Regarding Play

First and foremost, this is a story about people and their responses to particularly strange events. Yes, there will be a plot with bad things, but it is in many ways a scaffolding on which to hang particular vignettes and scenes that are powerful and important in their own right. Over this campaign I hope for all of the players to develop, and to lead the campaign in directions they want to take it; I can impose narrative and plot, but find that roleplaying games inevitably work best as collaborations. If you have an idea for a really killer dream or something thematic and you want it to happen, please talk with me! Hell, if you need an NPC to arrive at a particular moment for comic relief or deeper tragedy, declare that it happens. I reserve the right to veto it, but please increase the dimensions of this story. It can only help.

Main Page

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